I became a Realtor 23 years ago largely because of a great experience I had with the realtor who helped my husband and I find our first home. My Realtor was patient, and helpful and full of knowledge about the neighborhoods and places my we were considering. He did not try to impose his view of where we should live and did not pressure us to make a decision. As a result we found a home we loved, in a community that many others would have discouraged us from considering. Because of this experience, I determined that helping people find their homes would be fulfilling and fun.

I have never thought of myself as a salesperson but more as a matchmaker. Homes either are or are not right for people, If my clients get the right home for them then they are likely to be happy and use me again when they are ready to buy or sell. So, that is my job, matching people with homes that will make them as happy as my first realtor made me. Real Estate should be entertaining, It's like shopping, but the price tag is huge. I am a Denver native and my partner and I have renovated 7 homes over the past 25 years.  I have a masters in City Planning and have served on numberous city commissions and boards that work to make Denver a more livable, sustainable city,  so I can tell people about the houses they are considering and the neighborhoods that surround them. I think Denver is a great place to live.  Its many different neighborhoods, from Cherry Creek to Curtis Park, are fun to explore. I have lived throughout the city over my 50 years here, and know some places that others might not think to look. For the past 22 years, I have lived and worked mostly in the Five Points / RiNo / Curtis Park  area of Downtown and know these areas better than most any person in Denver.

If you are a buyer, I promise to work with you as long as it takes to find the house that makes you smile, without pressuring you to choose a certain neighborhood or make a decision faster. This is your home, the place you will spend your life, so it's OK if it takes a while to find the right fit.

If you are a seller, I think you should know there are three things that help match people with houses. How they show, How they are priced, and how they are advertised. These are the three variables we have to work with and I know how to work all three. When I start working with a seller, I hire a professional stager to review the property to help make sure it shows at its best. When I price a property, I go see the competition before I talk with the seller about the price of their home, and I work with Kentwood because they produce the best advertising in the city for homes. I understand that you are paying me a lot of money and I had better make sure I am worth every penny.

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